The first Sunday of the month at Saint David's Church on Edgewood Drive in Lakeland, September through June finds a lively gathering of doll collectors and enthusiasts.
Meetings begin with eagerly anticipated Sales Tables. Maybe, just maybe, the doll of your dreams will be there to be taken home by you and added to your collection! Or maybe you will find a new home for some of the dollies from your collection.
The goodie table with delicious treats is also highly popular. Programs, of course, are the focus of the afternoon and are prepared and presented by members or an invited special guest.
PROGRAMS 2007 - 2008
The year began with delicious refreshment celebrating our theme of Dolls and Bears Go To School.Many were in attendance to see what was in store for them.Mariquita Pérez and Ginny are dressed for the first day of school.This bear appears to be one of the Professors.The Ginnys are all ready for class.The Japanese doll came dressed in traditional Japanese school clothes which look like sailor suits.The program featured reports from the various conventions that members attend in the summer. Lynn Northrup brought her sizeable acquistion from the Madame Alexader Convention.Sue Ellis attended the Barbie Convention and brought her new treasures to show.Summer "finds" are always enthusiastically viewed.This is a childhood doll of a guest.She is closely scrutinized for what ever "DNA" may be available.
"DOLLS AND BEARS GO TO SCHOOL" and Reports from Conventions.
by Barbara Warner
Halloween is right around the corner and it's only fitting to celebrate with a Candy Corn Cake.Barbara Warner presented a most informative program on Kachina Dolls.An integral part of each meeting is "SHOPPING". You never know what treasures you'll find that members bring for adoptive new homes.Lots of ethnic dolls purchased on 'Round the World Trips.....A Door of Hope doll....a lovely Alpine Lass...or an equally charming Oriental Lady.Show and Tell is a favorite activity - kind of like a miniature doll show with explanations.Madame Alexander dolls in keeping with the Kachina theme.He came from far away!She came from not so far.Thea Crosier and her vintage Madame Alexander.
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by Dorothy Dangle
The dolls gracing the refresh table are dressed fittingly for Thanksgiving.Dorothy Dangle presented a program on the clothing that she designs and makes for the American Girl Doll.Dolls dressed in her creations are ready for any kind of adventure or occasion.Lynn displays a sweater from Dorothy line.Jean Chegar reports on her trip to the UFDC Convention. The theme was "Music, Music, Music".The gorgeous souvenir from the convention.Lynn show her latest acquisition.Lois brings a guest who has traveled from afar.See you next month!
by Kitty Mitchell
The January meeting was presented by Kitty Mitchell, an "Outreach Librarian" at the Lakeland Public Library. For several years she has conducted programs for young girls using the American Girl Doll as medium to teach history, crafts, and manners through the lives of the various dolls.We are priveleged to have Miss Kitty as a member and we enjoyed a mini version typical of her library presentations featuring Kirsten.Kirsten has an extensive wardrobe and many of the outfits in Kitty's collection were designed and sewn by Dorothy Dangle.Kitty shows a quilt that appears to be made of tiny squares but is in reality what is called a "cheater quilt" made of a single panel and quilted to look like individual tiny squares.Here is a "Log Cabin Quilt" made using the same technique.There were several "visitors" at the meeting including this rag doll and.....Madame Alexander Holly Hobby and...Bleuette and....a Japanese Ichimatsu doll.Even James Cagney dropped in for a brief visit.Lois Lynds introduced her just published book, "Waterville".A picture of a picture of Lina Dominick's Doll Hospital. Her husband made the beds in the infirmary.
by Linda Lee Deming
MARCH 2008
"HINA MATSURI" Doll Festival
by Kyoko Araki Williams
In Japan the Girl's Day Festival is celebrated on March 3. This festival was foemerly known as the Doll's Day Festival. We celebrated our own version by inviting Kyoko Araki Williams, a teacher in the Ichiyo School of Ikebana to present a program incorporatings dolls into flower arrangements.Even Ken and Barbie find themselves in the world of flowers.Members got into the mood and dressed themselves and their dolls to match. Rausine made a matching dress for her doll.Close up of doll and outfit.Lois and her doll wear similar styles.Members brought Japanese and other oriental dolls to display. These dolls are part of a set of the 15 dolls that comprise the traditional Girl's Day doll display.Because St. Patrick's Day also is celebrated in March, Ginny and her friend dressed for the did Barbie.And this cutie decided to come as she is!